About Us

We’re an independent design agency based out of India’s Silicon Valley - Bangalore and the city of joy - Kolkata. Our focus is simple - Create elegant design solutions that delight customers and add value to their lives.

Values that we never compromise on

No BS and No Jargon

We never say stuff like ‘We transform businesses through the power of design thinking’. We say what we want to say in language you will understand and just get stuff done!

We listen more than we speak

The most important thing that we do while solving problems is asking you and your users the right questions, and then listening patiently to what everyone has to say. We listen to learn. Without this, it is impossible to design or recommend a solution.

Function over form

It doesn’t matter if something is pixel-perfect and makes people drool. The purpose of design isn’t to be pretty. It is to be useful.


4 glasses of coffee, per person, every day, at the very least. Is it healthy? We don’t know.

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